For Testnet Users

The testnet version of the Web App is intended for public testing, and it loosens many restrictions and provides certain conveniences only available to testing.

  • If a user chooses a testnet, INK will automatically top up the connected wallet with necessary test tokens from INK’s own faucet facilities.

  • The testnet's native tokens must be collected by the users, who can collect them from the testnet's official faucet facility by clicking on the connected network name on the upper right corner of the INK Web App.

  • A testnet user can set up multiple Manager's wallets for the purpose of testing. The testnet version only requires a Manager's social media identity per wallet, but it does not verify them. Therefore, a user can use several imaginary social media usernames and associate them with multiple wallets to conduct testing. On the mainnet system, however, each Manager wallet will be verified independently on the social media platform.

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