DAO Activities

These shortcuts point to all important information about the DAO's activities and status.

Shortcut: Left panel General -> DAO Activities

Any DAO member, contributor, and investor can check to see what’s happening in the DAO’s ecosystem, and gauge metrics of its health and management competence.

The summary page in the right panel lists the most commonly checked activities, some of which are also contained in the four tabs at the top of the page, each representing a "pluggable" Committee.

If any one of the Committee is "plugged in" by the Board, the corresponding tab will be enabled, and the user can select it to expand all activities managed by that Committee. If the Committee is not plugged in, then the tab is not enabled.

Shows all assets and liabilities of this DAO, and allows users to make categorized deposits to the Treasury Vault

Pending payment schedule and records of outbound transfers

All deposits into the Treasury Vaults

Audited reports on the Treasury incomes and revenues

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