Treasury Operations

These are operations only available to the Managers in the Investment Committee.

Only the Managers in the Treasury Committee can perform these operations. The INK WebApp will detect a Treasury Manager's role and activate the appropriate shortcuts in the right panel.

Shortcut on left panel: For Manager -> Treasury Op

The Secure Multi-Asset Treasury Vault

Ink Finance is a smart-contract factory for DAOs, and it holds no operational privilege over these smart contracts. The Treasury Manager roles, the process through which these roles are created, and the smart contracts tied to DAO-voted resolutions guarantee security & autonomy. Any subsequent treasury vault operations, like transaction setup, signing, etc., must be verified by one of these vault-controlling smart contracts tied to the resolution executed on-chain.

The treasury vault is a Universal Custodian Vault or UCV. It supports any blockchain asset, especially InkEnvelope-wrapped assets. INK highlights InkEnvelopes because they are instrumental to DAO asset acquisition, especially if your DAO’s assets are on multiple blockchain networks or off-chain. When cross-chain technology isn’t available, or if the assets you own are not on-chain (like in the various gaming or Metaverse ecosystems). Treasury managers can rely on INK’s asset wrapping facility (InkEnvelopes) to wrap, import, and deposit any asset into the DAO treasury vault.

Since any manager who can perform duties in this group of functions are those who were voted into their positions, there is no further voting required when they perform their duties. Some internal checks-and-balances relationship does exist between these managers, such as that a Treasury Operator can only set up payment schedules that must be signed off by the multi-signors.

The Treasury Managers

A Treasury Manager can play any one of four roles, each having different responsibilities and operation privileges:

  • Treasury Operators are responsible for setting up asset transfers or payments; must be voted into the position

  • Treasury Signers are responsible for multi-signing transactions set up by the Treasury Operators; must be voted into the position

  • Treasury Auditors are responsible for auditing the treasury’s revenue and capital management; must be voted into the position

  • Treasury Investment Managers are responsible for making investment decisions on behalf of the treasury; must be voted into the position

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