Auditable Incomes

In this setup the Board categorizes income or revenue sources of the DAO. Depositors use them when they inject assets, and Auditors use them to generate audit opinions.

Shortcut: Left panel For Manager -> Committees; Right panel -> Treasury Committee -> Auditable Incomes

  • Step 1: Give this proposal a title and description

  • Step 2: Set up the currencies and charged amount for different revenue sources, such as Tax, Royalty, etc. These income revenue sources can be edited by the proposing Board member, which will be used as an Deposit Category by a depositor, and later be audited. Make sure that your auditors understand the meaning of these auditable revenue sources.

When this Proposal expires, the Proposing Manager needs to Tally Votes before it can be effective. The result of Treasury Income Management is that the Auditors (chosen from the Treasury Setup proposal) can perform auditing (via shortcut Treasury/Audit Incomes), and their audit reports can be viewed by anyone under the DAO Activities/ Audit Reports shortcut.

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