Tally Votes

Only a Board member can tally the votes on expired Proposals.

Shortcut: Left panel: General -> All Proposals; Right panel Open for Vote

Any Board member can follow the above shortcut to tally votes on expired Proposals.

For the public voting round:

When an open proposal expires, the proposer must tally the votes. If tally finds the proposal passed the public round, and this is proposal is for Public Only, then it will become a Resolution. If it is for Public and Board, then it will be available for Board voting.

For the Board voting round:

It needs a separate vote tally, and it will not expire. If the tally finds the Proposal to have passed the Board voting, then it becomes a Resolution.

A Resolution will be executed either on-chain by the ExecutionManager and ExecutionAgent, or off-chain by the Board, determined by the Web App according to the type of the proposal. If vote tallying indicates an on-chain Resolution is reached, then it is automatically executed at the end of the vote tallying action; no separate action is needed.

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