Treasury Setup

The Board assigns Treasury Managers with different duties and privileges regarding the operation of the DAO's internal financial activities.

Shortcut: Left panel For Manager -> Committees; Right panel Treasury Committee -> Treasury Setup.

A Board member can only appoint any social media verified user wallets to the Treasury Committee as Treasury Managers, and assign to them different responsibilities and operational privileges, who can later perform the Treasury Operations.

The Board member can require additional level of identity verification for some of the Treasury Managers. A third-party developed verification system can be used in the setup.

  • Step1: Additional Manager qualification or verification

  • Step2: Give this proposal a title and description

  • Step3:

    Assign duties to verified wallets, and the positions include:

    Treasury Operators, who can initiate asset transfer

    Treasury Signers, who can sign off asset transfers or payments

    Treasury Auditors, who can audit income and revenues Allow Treasury to make investment? If yes, set up Treasury Investment Manager, who can make investment for the DAO

Step 4: review the proposal and confirm.

INK Web App enforces the "stake to govern" method, which requires that the proposing Board member has staked the minimum number of the governance tokens and pledge them to back the setup proposal. The Web App will check this condition after the user clicks the Confirm button.

Everyone is able to view the setup Proposal, once it is successfully created. Depending on the voting power set by the Board, appropriate members can vote on this setup proposal.

When this Treasury Setup proposal expires, a Board member needs to tally the votes and execute it on-chain before it can take effect.

When this setup is successfully executed on-chain, the newly created Treasury Committee can be found via the left panel shortcut General -> DAO Activities; right panel From Treasury

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