Open for Investment

Shows all investment funds currently open for investment subscription.
Shortcut: Left panel General -> DAO Activities; Right panel From Investment Tab-> Open for Investment
Members can come to this page to participate in the initial offering of the investment funds managed by this DAO. All funds will be listed as long as they are still in the process of fundraising.
A fund that's been launched for raising.
To make investment, a user can click on one of them in the list, check all the fund setup details, including the management strength.
The user should input the amount of investment, and click the Buy Fund button.
Make initial investment to a fund
A fund may impose various restrictions on an investor, including KYC verification, membership Badge, size limits, etc. The INK WebApp will enforce these restriction before it receives the user's money.
When the DAO requires that users complete identity verification, the WebApp will prompt the users to do so.
Verify identity before accepitng investment
The user will be directed to the Verify Identity function to complete the verification.
When the user satisfies all the conditions, he can proceed with buying the fund. The user's wallet will be deducted and put into the fund's Unified Custodian Vault (UCV).
If the fund fails to launch successfully, the user can redeem the investment in full.