At Committee-level

Committees are the pluggable operation units of a DAO, which groups Managers who are responsible for the operations.

Manager Roles and Duties

A Manager's role is automatically created at the setup time of the Committee it belongs to. A verified user can be appointed by the Board as a Manager in one or more Committees.

A Manager's duty can be found under the green shortcuts to different Committee's operations in the left panel. When a Manager's wallet is identified, his/her assigned duties will be enabled from one of the For Manager shortcuts in the left pane.

A Manager must have the default social media identity verification attached to the connected wallet, although the DAO can impose any additional identity verification deemed as necessary, and these additional requirements must have been already fulfilled when the Manager was appointed to the Committee.

Ink Finance provides the following options for identity verification:

  • INK's own social media verification

  • Humanode's biometric verification

  • Astra's legal identity verification

A user can follow these steps to get its identity verified.

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