DAO Manager

Ink Finance imposes the lowest level of identity verification on DAO Managers, which is the social media identity.

Before users attempt to be DAO Manager they must go through the minimum identity verification process, which is always enacted whenever the Web App detects that an unverified wallet attempts to act in a DAO Manager's role.

The default verification method is an announcement on the DAO's main social media platform. The user is required to copy the coded message from the Web App and post it from the social media account, and INK will verify this posting.

After this process is completed, the user's wallet on this blockchain will be bound to the social media account, and this identity will always be displayed together with the wallet, and used throughout the Web App.

The mainnet version of INK Web App offers more third party-supplied identity verification schemes, such as biometric identity and legal identity verification schemes. A DAO can choose from these alternatives for the level of security and integrity suitable to its mission.

After users verify their identities, they still need to be appointed as Managers to perform any duty, and the appointments must be voted in the DAO's voting procedure. Identity verification alone does not lead to a Manager's role automatically - it is a prerequisite.

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