“Pluggable” Committees and Use Cases

There are four Committees that can be plugged into the Ink Finance framework, and a DAO can choose to plug all or none of them into the framework. These Committees are:

  • Treasury

  • Community

  • Investment

  • Funding

The following are examples of some of the most likely "plug-and-play" configurations:

  • Investment syndicate group: it may not need DAO Treasury, but since it pools members' funds for investment, it must set up an Investment Committee, which comes with the bare minimum risk management rules that must be implemented;

  • Large asset managers: in addition to the Investment Committee, it may set up a Treasury Committee to manage charged fees and expenses at the organization level;

  • Community DAO: it is unlikely to have Investment Committee, but almost certainly needs to set up Community Board, which includes its own social resources and rules that are critically important to community incentivization;

  • Web3 gaming or metaverse: they are likely to originate rich NFT assets and therefore need external financing; Treasury Committee, Community Board, and Funding Committee are necessary functional units for credit establishment and transparency.

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