Comprehensive Fiscal & Financial Tooling

The most comprehensive and professional tooling in the Web3 space, while convenient and flexible.

There are two pillars supporting the entire Ink Finance’s core fiscal and financial architecture - Unified Custodian Vault (UCV) and InkEnvelope, which are to be discussed in detail in the following chapters.

The design goal of these constructs is to provide users with highly unified operational convenience. When these constructs are deployed for all the pluggable management units on the platform, the difference lies in the usage purpose of the managed assets, but UCV and InkEnvelope make the plug-and-play easy to implement without being concerned with such purposes at the architectural level. With them, the platform is able to:

  • support independent Treasury, Community, Investment, and Funding operations within a large ecosystem, each having its internal procedure regarding financial operations, all executed on-chain;

  • supports DAO-to-DAO transactions between vaults, periodic automatic payments, and batched one-time payments, all secured with contract-based multi-signing processes. Various income or revenue categorization, as well as their audit is supported, which provides a clear asset deposit interface;

  • supports regulatorily compliant investment operations, including administration, asset eligibility, risk management, and clearing functionalities. These processes involve more management roles but follow the exact same internal setup-approval protocol that is tailored to regulation compliance

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