Integrity Assurance

Answers to the challenge of Sybil and whale attacks in a blockchain operating environment.

Whether an ecosystem consists of one meta DAO or many sub DAOs, Sybil and “whale” resistance is always a challenge on blockchains.

Ink Finance's first line of defense against Sybil attack is through a highly customizable staking mechanism. While assigning an explicit governance utility to a DAO’s meta token, it substantially raises the barrier of DAO members using multiple wallets to recycle the same amount of tokens in voting.

Meanwhile, the platform integrates with the best decentralized biometric identity protocols (such as Humanode) to securely verify members while maintaining their privacy. This mechanism can be used to maintain the connection between users’ decentralized roles on all deployed blockchains and their biometric identities, ensuring the “one-wallet-one-person” governance basis. Other widely accepted DID solutions will also be added to INK’s technological stack for specially missioned DAOs to choose from.

For transparency of critical roles, such as multi-signers, the auditors, or even normal DAO members in KYC-required applications, the platform integrates with the best decentralized legal identity protocols (such as Astra).

Regarding the governance rights at sub DAOs, it is critical for them to operate under various autonomous models that are resistant to the interference of the meta-level “whales”. The platform devises a badge mechanism (more on this in the later discussion) allowing sub DAOs to develop their own whale-mitigating schemes while still operating under the meta banner.

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