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Fee Capture Utility

As a non-security token, QUILL will be explicitly monetized with the captured fees by the Ink Finance platform.
QUILL is also designed to be a fee capturing utility. Fees are charged to DAOs who issue funds from Investment Committees or bespoke financial products from Funding Committees. Fees are alternatively charged to DAOs that do not issue financial products but manage their assets with UCVs.
A portion of the collected fees is used to maintain the development and maintenance of the platform, and the rest will be used to swap for the QUILL tokens in the circulation. The QUILL tokens that are swapped back from the circulation will be put at the bottom of QUILL staking emission pool.
There is initially a Staking Reward Pool to emit rewards to bootstrap ownership of QUILL tokens in the early stage. Eventually, however, the emission will deplete this pool. The swapped back QUILL tokens will continuously build up a reverse to assure the operation of Ink Finance after the initial emission reward is depleted. Such a fee utility can be viewed as a “soft destruction” of the QUILL tokens in the circulation.
With QUILL’s non-inflationary issuance scheme, it becomes obvious that the growth of liquidities generated by the Ink Finance platform, or the growth of assets under the management thereof, underpins the valuation of the QUILL tokens.