Bespoke Financial Products

Whether it is for asset management or project funding, bespoke financial products can be issued, cleared, risk-managed, and described on-chain.

Financial products can refer to both asset management instruments (used by organizations to pool investors money for themed investment) or corporate finance instruments (used by organizations to raise money to finance its operation or projects). While the traditional financial industry offers a plethora of standardized financial products that are traded in various marketplaces, the cost and the barrier of access prohibits most enterprises or companies from using these tools. Blockchain & tokenization are the promised solutions to tear down these barriers.

Under the premise of transparency and regulatory compliance, the actual financial features of these financial products, as well as the associated risk control and clearing, becomes the key to their usefulness. The bespoke financial products offered by Ink Finance encompass the deep insights and practical knowledge in this field, designed to satisfy nearly all possible funding and asset management needs on blockchains.

Once again, the foundation of bespoke financial products is the InkEnvelope. Used together with other facilities packaged in the INK Products Module, it offers the most innovative and comprehensive financial instruments to make every investment group an asset manager, and any NFT-rich metaverse its own corporate banker.

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