Intra-Committee Operations

Operations within Committees are presented as a "setup-approval" workflow, implemented as internal proposing-voting processes.

The management philosophy of Ink Finance is that Managers are elected officials who should be accountable and responsible for their designated operational duties. The organization has the power to replace them if they fail to perform, but while they are in their positions they shall have the privileges to carry out their duties without public interference.

As such, every Committee’s workflow is implemented as an internal proposing-approving process. There are typically Managers who are responsible for setting up transaction parameters, and those who are responsible for approving these parameters, in exactly the same way as if some make proposals and others vote on them.

INK Governance Module recognizes these intra-committee workflows and uses the same metadata dictionary to pick out the appropriate ExecutionAgent to execute them. Just like in the case of handling DAO-level resolutions, the agents will run the hard-coded logic to verify all details of the decision making processes that lead to the transactions needed to be executed. Once all details are verified the agents will go about executing the transactions according to the parameters. No security breach is possible if the codes of the smart contracts themselves are not exploitable.

Here again, one can see the advantage of a coherently integrated framework clearly. No loopholes are left to be exploited if the code is programmed correctly.

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