Administrative and Financial Control

Any administrative and financial control relationships can be implemented on-chain with INK Governance Module.

In real applications, however, the more likely scenario is of top-down, that the meta-level DAOs will have the initiative to delegate, outsource, or sub-task special and narrower missions to certain sub communities, and grant them various degrees of autonomy. Ink Finance allows effortless creation of both administrative and economic bonds between these meta and sub ecosystems.

Administratively, a member of the meta DAO's Board can be the creator of the sub DAO, in which case the creator automatically becomes the sub DAO’s Board member. From there, the sub DAO can appoint any number of Managers that are relevant to its mission.

Economically and financially, the DAO-to-DAO fund transfer allows clear on-chain capital injection from the meta DAO to the sub DAO in an auditable fashion. The meta DAO can also appoint key roles in the sub DAO’s Treasury Committee to assure proper use of funds.

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