Scalability of On-chain Execution

Scalable support for coherent integration of the most consequential decision making and the on-chain execution, in a loophole-free framework.

Ink Finance aims to provide an integrated management structure in which the loopholes between decision making and the decision execution are closed, the base framework of the platform is designed as a "hanger" of parallel end-to-end on-chain workflows.

Obviously, not all decisions in an organization can be executed on-chain, but to the extent that they can, particularly in the area of fiscal and financial management, Ink Finance will make sure that DAOs on the platform can on-chain execute the results of all financial decisions, thereby giving financial governance true integrity, traceability, and accountability.

Since each decision is based on the DAO’s self-defined proposing and voting process, Ink Finance has devised a built-in and expandable dictionary of proposal types with fully itemized metadata, with each item representing an article of a proposal.

Also defined in the metadata of such proposals is the sequence of steps in an execution that can be recognized by a corresponding ExecutionManager, which will invoke the various related ExecutionAgents to go about executing. The security is guaranteed because no one can invoke any ExecutionAgent without the ExecutionManager explicitly “peeking” into the voting results and the itemized metadata, which are immutable records on-chain.

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