Hierarchical DAO Construction

Both top-level or sub divisions of a large ecosystem can be constructed with intuition and ease.

At construction time, any DAO can choose to set itself up as a meta-level DAO with its own governance tokens, or a sub DAO that uses an existing governance token, in which case the sub DAO members will stake into the meta DAO’s Staking Engine. The governance token defines the meta system - a straightforward approach.

It is crucially important to know that the concept of a “sub DAO” on Ink Finance is much more of a technical term than a business term, in a sense that neither economical nor administrative relationships need to exist between the DAO that issues the governance token and the DAO that chooses to use these tokens to govern. This bottom-up approach is natural in the blockchain environment where large ecosystems in fact cannot stop a group of users from using its tokens as utilities in their own community.

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