QUILL Utilities and Value Proposition

QUILL is the native token of Ink Finance protocol, which is operated by the INK DAO. It is a governance capital, fee capture utility, and publicly owned incubation capital.

QUILL is the native token of Ink Finance platform, which will be operated by the INK DAO. As such, the QUILL tokens will be used as the governance token by the Ink Finance community, in the same way as any user DAOs who use their meta tokens on the platform. In this regard, it can be used for any small DAOs as their default governance tokens if they don't intend to issue their own DAO tokens.

However, there are other key considerations that will separate QUILL from a generic DAO token. Specifically, since Ink Finance is positioned as a SaaS platform on blockchain, the QUILL token is also designed to capture the platform’s commercial values, in a best effort to function as a non-security utility.

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