DAO Tokens and Badges

Fully customizable schemes supporting balance of power among stakeholders, autonomy, and whale-resistance.

It is fully recognized that governance by sheer economical or financial power is a crude and imperfect mechanism, and therefore, Ink Finance devises a compensatory or offsetting mechanism - the badge mechanism, to let community members express governance rights via non-financial contributions. Badges are typically issued by the sub DAOs of a large ecosystem where members are focused on narrower missions that should not be disrupted by the sheer size of the stakeholders of the meta token. DAOs can effectively balance the power of governance by configuring the weights of badges in lieu of “stake-to-vote”.

DAOs that support Badges can also use them to implement member profiles in the organization, by standardizing their behavioral data transparently into a form to represent credit value similar to that on the Web2 fintech platforms. Full conversion of the badges into standardized SBTs (Soul-bound Tokens) will be provided when such a standard is established in the industry.

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