An On-demand SaaS for Credit-based DeFi

Ink Finance aims to introduce a new regime of DeFi that's based on management competence and financial creditworthiness.
Ink Finance aims to enable financially minded DAOs to establish their on-chain reputation and creditworthiness with demonstrable competence, integrity, and safety. It will provide a comprehensive, rigorous, and flexible financial operation framework that will serve the best decentralized organizations, allowing them to build rigorously managed fiscal systems, in organizational structures most suitable to their missions at different stages.
Footed on solid and transparent governance and operational ground, Web3 organizations can demonstrate their competence and reputation in managing their business and finance. Utilizing the immutable features offered by blockchains, these organizations can build not only their own creditworthiness but also that of the community members they serve.
On-chain credibility can lead to credit-based DeFi, an entirely different regime from the cryptocurrency-based DeFi. This will significantly enrich the substance of crypto finance and fundamentally enhance the quality of tokens by backing them with genuine value creation.
Ink Finance is positioned as a gold standard in this endeavor. It aims to serve the best decentralized organizations, including emerging venture capital and crypto managers and syndicate groups, Web3 protocols, and even traditional institutions such as auction houses, Fortune 500 corporations, and mainstream financial firms. With comprehensive and highly customizable modules built in an on-chain SaaS, Ink Finance will continuously iterate with technological, financial, and regulatory bodies to properly serve the most innovative and ambitious clientele in the Web3 era.