Compliance to Regulation

There is no avoidance of regulatory oversight of on-chain financial activities.

Whether a DAO is an emerging venture capital manager, asset management consortium, a NFT-rich metaverse, or a decentralized Web3 protocol, it is likely to be in need of raising funds from legitimate investors around the world (including accredited investors in U.S.); the raised proceeds will be deployed to proper usage, and distribution of the subsequent returns and repayment will be made to the investors. All of these should be carried by smart contracts on a blockchain with transparency, traceability, and accountability.

It is of vital importance to recognize that such financial activities involving handling investors’ funds will inevitably bring regulatory scrutiny and oversight. Ink Finance aims to meet such demand by allowing regulated financing entities to be integrated into on-chain organizations’ operational frameworks and play critical roles that can only be played by such properly regulated entities.

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