Convenience of Plug-and-Play

Allowing DAOs to pick the operational units, out-of-the-box, that are best suited to their dynamic growth and evolution.

One can be sure that most DAOs today are at a fairly early stage, and this form of organization will be in a process of continuous practical evolution in the foreseeable future. It is very difficult for any organization to imagine that a set of fixed operating rules can be formulated in advance that can ensure long-term effectiveness as they continuously pivot and adapt.

Ink Finance is positioned as a platform to support sustainable evolution and growth, striving to be both comprehensive and convenient. Being comprehensive requires that the platform offer “all the necessaries”, while being convenient requires being non-burdensome to the users. As such, the base architecture is designed for users to easily pick the operational parts that are only relevant to them, delivered by a no-code user interface.

Covering infinitely possible configurations is neither practical nor reasonable, but for the four top-level “pluggable” management components on Ink Finance, they are made to be sufficiently self-contained and completely out-of-the-box as needed.

Specifically, the four top-level “pluggable” operational units are the Treasury Committee, Community Board, Investment Committee, and Funding Committee. Each one of them contains well-defined management roles and the operating procedures governing their workflows, and each one of them has its own critical resource to manage. A DAO can opt to use none of them or all of them, depending on its mission and the stage it is at.

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