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INK Integration Module

Code packages related to integrating with other decentralized protocols or Web2 infrastructures, enabling Ink Finance to be developed with a layer of abstraction and decoupling.
Ink Finance doesn’t reinvent the wheel, as composability is the spirit of the decentralized Web3. This Module incorporates the latest relevant technologies—a manifestation of Ink Finance’s value of one-stop service, allowing any financially focused DAO to concentrate on their ends instead of the means.
Due to the unpredictability of programming interfaces provided by the integrated systems, a layer of abstraction for each category of external functionality should be provided to all Ink Finance applications so as not to burden them with the unpredictable details of integration. This abstraction is also vital to Ink Finance’s long-term maintainability, as changes of the external systems are totally unavoidable.
In theory, there are at least the following categories of external functionalities that need to be abstracted:
  • Privacy protected identity verification
  • Cross-chain messaging and asset transfer
  • Oracle machine
  • DEX
  • Storage
  • Document signing
  • Web2 infrastructures for off-chain custody and clearing
INK Integration Module will keep adding and optimizing the integration with these external facilities with the goal of not interrupting the existing user experiences.