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Public Incubation Capital

A unique way of encouraging public QUILL token holders to sponsor and incubate upcoming DAOs and share their growth.
There are two cases where DAOs may need operational sponsorship.
When DAOs do not yet have the plan to issue their own meta tokens, they can simply use QUILL tokens to govern their own ecosystems, practically boosting staking demand for QUILL tokens. Such a DAO is considered as being sponsored by the entire QUILL holding community.
The other case is where DAOs do intend to use their own tokens to govern, but lack the initial working capital to purchase and stake QUILL tokens to turn on the facilities offered by Ink Finance platform. In such a scenario, any existing QUILL token holders can use INK Staking Engine’s Sponsorship feature to sponsor these DAOs up and running.
The Sponsors can designate their staked QUILL Tokens to be used for the DAOs needing the sponsorship. These Sponsors receive not only the staking emission offered by Ink Finance protocol, but also any negotiated income sharing from the sponsored DAOs.
What’s significant is not only that such arrangements are totally driven by the market, but they are also transparently enforceable on-chain. The Sponsors can use the various governance tools provided by Ink Finance to insert themselves into the management structures of the DAOs. Whether it is the Board seat, Treasury Signer, or Fund Administrator, as long as the DAOs keep performing, the Sponsors can be assured that the negotiated revenue or profit sharing terms can be enforced.
Such a utility of the QUILL token is unique among all Web3 governance dApps. It encourages passive QUILL token holders to be actively involved in the community-driven incubation process, where the promising and upcoming new organizations can grow with the help of the existing QUILL token holders.