Ink Finance Guide

DAO Manager

Ink Finance features the most comprehensive and flexible governance integrity assuring mechanism.
Before a user attempts to be a DAO Manager she/he must go through an identity verification process that is presented by by the following screen, which always pops up whenever the system detects that an unverified wallet attempts to act in a DAO Manager's role (such as when a user switches wallet from the Metamask).
Requiring Identity Verification
The default verification method is an announcement in the DAO's main social media. The user is required to copy the coded message and post it from her/his social media account, and INK will verify this posting. After this process is completed, the user's wallet on this network will be bound to the social media username, and this identity will always be displayed with the wallet, and used throughout the entire user experience.
The mainnet version offers a DAO more rigorous 3rd party provided identity verification alternatives, such as ZKP based biometric identity systems. A DAO can implement different degrees of governance security with these alternatives.
After the user verifies the identity, he/she still needs to be proposed as a Manager to perform any duty, and this proposal must be voted by the DAO Members. Identity verification alone does not lead to a Manager Position automatically.