DAO Token & Badge

Ink Finance's allows DAOs to balances the power of economic stakeholders with and community builders.

While INK's stake-to-govern method establishes that everyone in a DAO must "have skin in the game", it also provides effective means of reducing vulnerability to "whale attacks".

To prevent whale attacks, a sub DAO belonging to a large meta ecosystem can set up a Badge of its own, and require that only holders of this badge can vote on its affairs. Such a badge is usually earned or assigned, instead of bought. This puts community value ahead of economic power. In the simplest scenario, voters must hold at least one badge of the DAO to enter voting. The effective power of the voting is still the number of the pledged stake.

Ink Finance allows a DAO to weight importance of economic stake and community value quantitatively by using pledged stake and badge at the same time.

Staking, pledging, and badge parameters are set up at the DAO's creation.

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