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Multichain Module

INK Finance aims to enable a DAO to be set up once on its own native blockchain and propagates its governance decisions to multiple blockchains, as if it is operating there locally. An INK DAO should be freed from the burden of chasing liquidity. It can go wherever INK facilities are deployed, and it should be guaranteed the highest capital efficiency for establishing its reputation across multiple blockchains.

Specifically, this module makes it possible to:

  1. 1.
    Move a DAO’s entire operation to a new blockchain using migration tools
  2. 2.
    Monitor a DAO’s liquidity generation across all deployed blockchains and aggregate it back to the main capital book to calculate reward
  3. 3.
    Consolidate a DAO’s voting resolutions across all deployed blockchains and aggregate it back to the Master DAO for any relevant processing. Note that a master DAO for an ecosystem is different from the main capital book of INK (which resides on INK’s mainnet). An ecosystem’s master DAO can be on any INK-deployed blockchain.
This module is presently configured as a chross-chain bridge between INK Finance’s mainnet and all deployed blockchains, but in the future it can carry other inter-operative tasks, such as programmatically securing, disposing, and distributing assets that reside on other heterogeneous systems, including enterprise chains, private chains, or corporate clouds.
Last but not least, this module currently delivers fast deployment on major blockchains that are EVM compatible, a hopeful approach as Solana is rolling out its EVM implementation at time of writing. Avalanche C chain is already EVM compatible, while Polygon, BSC, and HECO are natively homogeneous to EVM.