Ink Finance Guide

Off-chain Proposals

These proposals are for the matters that can only be executed off-chain.
INK structures and records these proposals as bundles of Articles, each with a input data type that aims to precisely represent the purpose of the user-defined articles.
If such an off-chain and self-defined proposal passes the voting, INK allows for the DAO Manager to report the status of the off-chain execution, which can be viewed and verified by any user.
Step3: fill in the proposal article details
  • Step 1: choose the category of the Proposal - Off chain
  • Step2: fill in the title and description, expiration time and voting metrics of this proposal
  • Step3: add as many articles to this Proposal as you want
    • Article ID: although this ID has a system-generated value, the Proposer can overwrite it with any meaningful value
    • Input Type: the following commonly used data types are supported
      1. 1.
      2. 2.
      3. 3.
      4. 4.
      5. 5.
    • Input Description: describe the meaning of each article
Step 4: Proposal Review
When an off-chain Proposal expires, the Proposing Manager needs to Tally Votes. However, there is no on-chain execution if it passes as a Resolution. Instead, the Proposing Manager can find this Proposal under All Proposals / Resolution shortcut, and submit a report of off-chain execution on this Resolution, with any desired level of details. Once such a report is filed on-chain, anyone can see it as it will be attached to the resolution as a property.