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Manager Positions

A Manager typically belongs to a Committee of a DAO, with a certain duty assigned. A verified user can carry different duties in one same DAO or across different DAOs.
INK keeps track of a Manager's duty in a DAO. The Manager can perform assigned duties by selecting from one of the For Manager shortcuts in the left pane.
Ink Finance currently supports the treasury management positions. Treasury managers on the Ink Finance platform are treated like any other DAO manager. They must have at least one type of identity verification connected to their wallets. It is entirely up to the DAO to decide what and how many identity verifications are required.
A Treasury Manager can play any one of four roles, each having different responsibilities and privileges:
  • Treasury Operators are responsible for setting up asset transfers or payments; must be voted into the position
  • Treasury Signers are responsible for multi-signing transactions set up by the Treasury Operators; must be voted into the position
  • Treasury Auditors are responsible for auditing the treasury’s revenue and capital management; must be voted into the position
  • Treasury Investment Managers are responsible for making investment decisions on behalf of the treasury; must be voted into the position
Ink Finance provides the following options for identity verification:
  • INK social media verification
  • Humanode biometric verification
  • Astra regulatory compliance verification