Ink Finance Guide

DAO Member

Ink Finance allows any crypto user to be a member of any DAO, as long as the has the DAO token, and the badge issued by the DAO (if required). It is an open and flexible way of forming a community.
A non-managing DAO member participates in governance by voting on the Open Proposals in the DAO, which requires that the user has staked the DAO token in this DAO's staking pool. Any portion of this user's staked tokens can be pledged to back a user's vote, which will be calculated into certain number of votes casted by this user.
During the period while the Proposal is open for voting, the pledged tokens in the staking pool are locked from withdrawing. Only after the Open Proposal expires can the user release the pledges. A voter is always rewarded by the staking mechanism.
If a DAO requires its members to possess its badges to cast any votes, the DAO managers will go through Badge Distribution to make sure that the voting members will get them before any voting takes place.