About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a gold standard of financial governance for DAOs, enabling a well-managed DAO to be its own banker or asset manager, by establishing fiscal competence and cross-chain reputation.
Our motto: Finance is built on Credit, and Credit is Competence. No one deserves to get money unless they can demonstrate competence in managing their financial affairs, in a transparent way.
Ink Finance is a multichain financial governance protocol for DAOs, a financial SaaS of middle-and-back office functionalities on Web3. It provides governance and fiscal tools that are flexible, comprehensive, and secure, enabling DAOs to establish their creditworthiness across different blockchains, and empowering their growth with DeFi liquidities.
With Ink Finance, DeFi investors can have access to detailed information about any DAO looking for financing, regarding its operational & financial health, and risk control mechanism. Such on-chain transparency and enforcement rules allow investors to make prudent and rational investment decisions.